Hold On

Because every so often, you catch yourself looking into the mirror and loving everything about yourself. This isn’t independent of the knowledge of your flaws. It’s because you look at who you are, what you look like, and where you are, and you love it. When you wouldn’t trade your smile, your eyes, or even your nose, that’s the place to be, to stay and to remember. 

True Eagle Scouts

I would love to rescind my Eagle Scout badge, letter of congratulations from the President, plague and even my uniform, but as all of those things were unceremonially stripped of meaning by the BSA I cannot. It made me cry with heartfelt gratitude to come across this tumblr after one of the numerous articles I have read on the subject referenced it. These men are true Eagle Scouts even without the badge. To fight for those who have been pushed aside fulfills every point of the Scout Oath and Law. I may not ever forget the words to that oath or law, or even the outdoor code and vespers, but more so I will never forget the courage with which these wonderful men fought back against the injustice or prejudges for those who achievements apparently meant nothing to this organization.


Thank you,

Tim Maass

Apparently not an Eagle Scout